August 2015 (Midwest)

The Last Angry Men Tour was comprised of myself and Skech185 of the Tomorrow Kings.  It was an arduous tour through the Midwest of the United States and Colorado.  It involved starting and ending the tour with a Chinatown Bus ride that took 12 to 13 hours each way and me forgetting my temp driver's licesnse in NYC and having to scramble to rent a car and thus save the tour.  The whole way, Skech185, on his first solo tour and I were fucking warriors.  Nothing could stop us and nothing did.  We needed to call on the name of this tour many times , the name refers to a nickname given to Rod Serling by Hollywood critics back in the 60's and easily relates to our rap styles and outlooks.  My first, but not last, time doing a tour dedicated exclusively to the Midwest.