Dec. 2015 (East Coast)

A Few Days to Churn was a 5 in 5 run with Brzowski.  This tour was designed to get the Churn name out there a bit (that's our collab group together - music coming soon).  Brzo took me on my first ever tour and this was our 3rd run together.  It was one of the smoothest operations I've been a part of, as a two man team we kicked some ass and got back home to our women.  It was a pretty surreal run, being so close to Christmas, while this particular December was boasting 60 and 70 degree days in the NorthEast.  I remember pumping gas somewhere with no jacket on while Holidays tunes played in a place I'd likely never been and thinking "is this real?".  I'm a big fan of this region of the US, South of NYC, but not so far South that everyone hates the New Yorkah.