Uncommon Nasa's "Written At Night" is OUT NOW

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Uncommon Nasa's long awaited Written At Night LP is now available from Man Bites Dog Records.  The album features Open Mike Eagle, Oh No, Guilty Simpson, billy woods, Quelle Chris, Mike Ladd, Bronze Nazareth and more!  It's fully produced by Uncommon Nasa.  Release day blurbs and Press are in, including a review at Tiny Mixtapes, a feature where Nasa breaks down his favorite Prog Rock influences over at The Witzard and a 2 part interview that eventually breaks down the album track by track on the BBoy Document Podcast.  The album is available in multiple packages including vinyl and cassettes

The brand new video for It's Mightnight/Grown Apart also dropped today, with visuals directed by RML. 

"Written at Night" Video ft billy woods & Quelle Chris debuts at HipHopDX

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The first video from Uncommon Nasa's Written At Night album on Man Bites Dog Records has debuted over at HipHopDX.  It's the prose filled title track which features billy woods and Quelle Chris. The dreamy, yet focused, production lends itself perfectly to three of the most visual writers working in hip-hop today. The pictures they paint capture those elusive creative hours between Midnight and 4am perfectly and defines the album itself. The Mike Petrow directed video's visuals are in lock step with the theme and take the viewer into that late night talent smash that can result in brilliance. Written At Night is now available for pre-order on vinyl and digital and will be released on 8/4/17.

New Uncommon Nasa Rhythm Roulette in Advance of his Upcoming MBDR Release of "Written At Night"

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Uncommon Nasa at work at Nasa Labs, NYC during the filming of this new Rhythm Roulette challenge.

Uncommon Nasa at work at Nasa Labs, NYC during the filming of this new Rhythm Roulette challenge.

Leading up to the release of his fourth studio LP, his first that's fully produced, Uncommon Nasa took some time to display his skills in the lab in the form of another Uncommon Rhythm Roulette. Three Random records, One producer. Enjoy Friends, and Remember August 4th on Man Bites Dog Records Written At Night featuring Oh No, Guilty Simpson, Open Mike Eagle, Quelle Chris, billy woods & More

Pastense EP featuring Uncommon Nasa, PremRock & billy woods Released

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A new Willie Green produced EP from Pastense has been released called An Astronaut's Dream.  The EP features a track with Uncommon Nasa called The Sun Died, featuring lines like:

Studio edits don’t change the playback/culmination of mine and they facts/we dust in the wind, toppling haystacks/until broken down to tumbleweed/I’m a humble seed of two people that meant for the best
— Uncommon Nasa

The EP also features fellow NY indie vets and Willie Green collaborators, PremRock and billy woods.  This is the follow up to Pastense's last EP which was produced by Uncommon Nasa, with Shortrock on turntables, Good Will Cutting.  Both EPs are available at Pastense's Bandcamp and are heavily suggested pick ups for Spring/Summer 2017.

Mink Swimming Pools Tapes Still Available, Still Donate to ACLU & NPR

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Still available at ihadanaccident.bandcamp.com

The digital version of Uncommon Nasa's Mink Swimming Pools may be gone, but the tapes are still available from I Had An Accident Records.  Those tapes are pressed as glittery silver with black print and the sleeve is black and white just like the classic series it's inspired by, The Twilight Zone!  All proceeds from the tape sales will be donated to the ACLU and NPR, just as the digital sales were.  Special thanks to The Unheard Nerd website and Nerdcore Records as well as IHAA.

Speaking of those digital sales, let's recap what we were able to do together in 2 months time.  Exclusively on the Uncommon Records Bandcamp page, Mink Swimming Pools was made available and raised 456.88USD, we can't thank you enough.  This divided into 228.44USD for each organization (pics below). 

From Nasa:

It’s always an honor to be able to get people that are into my music to rally behind something that’s important to us all. I’m blown away by seeing the number that we were able to raise together in just 2 months time for the digital only copy of my release, “Mink Swimming Pools”. When I was able to click donate to both of these organizations for 228.44 each, full well knowing I couldn’t have afforded to just do that on my own, that’s powerful! Keep pushing, because we only have a few tapes left and I want to feel that feeling again with yall. Thanks!
— Uncommon Nasa

Will be an honor to carry that card.  Find out more for yourself at aclu.org.

They asked for an extra $12 at checkout for their "Emergency News Team" and it was given.  Find out more about your local NPR station at www.npr.org.

Uncommon Nasa & Skech185 appear on Dead End Hip-Hop Conversations

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On location at Downtown Players Club in Atlanta, GA

Uncommon Nasa & Skech185 recently toured through Atlanta, GA in December of 2016 on the Southeast Halfway Tour.  They met up with the full team of Dead End Hip-Hop and had a Dead End Hip-Hop Conversation.  The shoot resulted in a lively convo that focused on whether a President like "Camacho" could somehow change hip-hop (theoretically for the better).  Nasa's answer will surprise many, and the conversation unfolds in a wide array of directions as both he and Skech185 break it down with the guys. 

Uncommon Kingdom Tour Radio & Podcast Wrap Up

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Photo by Duke01 in Nottingham, UK

While touring for the first time overseas on an 8 day run in the United Kingdom, Uncommon Nasa & the Last Sons were able to land on more then a few radio shows and podcasts.  Here's a wrap up of some of them that are now available to hear online:

The Unheard Nerd's Word to the Nerd Podcast

Uncommon Nasa talks about his joint release with The Unheard Nerd & I Had An Accident called Mink Swimming Pools, getting into the nexus of how and why it came to be as well as his assigned mission by his wife to capture a Mr. Mime within Pokemon GO while in the UK.  Last Sons broke down how they met and eventually formed a group together.

Nobody's Boy Show on ITCH FM

Dan Bloody Johns talks to Uncommon Nasa after a gig in London, digging deep into the history of Uncommon Records, Yule Prog and even The Presence.  As well as discussing what's next with the upcoming Written At Night LP and touring in the UK.  The interview starts at about 40 minutes and the sound quality improves during the first question.

Universal Magnetic Radio on Ujima Radio

Benjamin One chatted with the guys on the air about the changes in the music scene over the past few years, as well as the changes in the political climate on both sides of the pond.  This was all before giving way to a live performance from Uncommon Nasa and Duke01.  The interview starts at about 17 minutes.

The Hip-Hop Show on FUBAR Radio

Sarah Love & MysDiggi chat it up with Uncommon Nasa & Duke01 about how they came to meet being from across the ocean.  After the interview portion, a cypher breaks out with Nasa and Duke and some dope local emcees.  The interview portion begins towards the last third of the show.

Uncommon Nasa Song Featured on IRM's Twin Peaks Compilation

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Photo by Cheney Orr.

Indie Rock Mag, a website based out of France, has taken on a huge under taking of assembling original music geared toward the classic TV Series, Twin Peaks.  With Twin Peaks' imminent return after 25 years off the air, they've enlisted artists from a wide variety of experimental genres to contribute to an upcoming immense collection.  Already available for streaming is an introductory EP called Welcome to Twin Peaks which features Uncommon Nasa's Early Season LelandEarly Season Leland is a haunting, twisted tribute to Leland Palmer and Ray Wise's incredible job portraying him through many phases of the character.  The full compilation will eventually feature well over 100 artists from several musical disciplines.  Make sure to join the Facebook Event for IRM x Twin Peaks for all the latest info, including an upcoming interview with Uncommon Nasa about Twin Peaks.

Dope Sh!t Podcast Kicks Off Season 2

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After a debut season of 20 episodes that included the historic first ever Dopey Awards being presented for 2016's Best Albums, and the Cliffhanger causing debacle it caused....DSP is BACK!  This upcoming season is bound to have lots more adventures in the form of two guys sitting in a room talking about music and underground hip-hop specifically.  If you haven't heard Season 1 (WHY?), Uncommon Nasa hosts with Samurai Banana and Banana gets down on the turntables playing the latest and greatest from Underground, Progressive, Alternative (insert sub genre) Hip-Hop.  There are also occasional interviews that pop up, Season 2 will already feature chats with Last Sons, Stik Figa and Dart Adams, with more to come.  Subscribe now on Itunes or Mixcloud!  The show can also be heard on Google Play or Stitcher, just search "Dope Sh!t" - remember it's an ! for the kids.

Uncommon Nasa on The Twilight Zone Podcast

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Rendering via The Unheard Nerd website.

It's pretty well known how dedicated a fan of Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone Uncommon Nasa is.  In Zoner circles one of the center points is The Twilight Zone Podcast, run by Tom Elliot.  Tom recently did a Season 2 Wrap Up Show that features active listeners of the show including Uncommon Nasa.  It's a great chance to hear what all the fuss is about with this Twilight Zone thing if you're 55 years late.  Don't forget that Nasa's Twilight Zone inspired work is collected on Mink Swimming Pools, where all proceeds get donated to the ACLU and NPR.  It's only available digitally through March 20th and limited to only 50 Cassette copies.

Uncommon Nasa Tours the UK for the 1st Time in February

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Photo by Dominick Alcantara

Uncommon Nasa makes his first appearances in Europe by doing an 8 show run in the UK with the Last Sons (Duke01 & Furious P).  Touching on almost every city in the country, both North and South the adventure should be pretty amazing.  If you're a Brit fan, then find your date and come rock out as Uncommon Nasa will be repping NYC and Notts' own Last Sons will be in the place too!  Check out the flyer for your date and peep the Uncommon Kingdom Tour FB Event page, invite your people!  Calendar of the Dates.

Mink Swimming Pools by Uncommon Nasa donates all proceeds to the ACLU and NPR

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Photo by Andrew Doench

Mink Swimming Pools is brought to you by Uncommon Records and Nerdcore Records, as well as exclusively on cassette (pre-order) by I Had An Accident Records.

This project is "Pay What You Want", but we encourage you to make your own donations to ACLU and NPR through this album and give as much as you can.

All proceeds from the release of Mink Swimming Pools will be donated to the ACLU and NPR, two organizations that in light of current events in the US can use our help over next four years. Rod Serling's work most often had an underlying tone of social justice in it and causes like civil rights, quality and honest broadcasting were important to him and his work.

His work on the Twilight Zone among other television and film scripts is as vital and relevant today as it was in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. He was quoted referring to Hollywood as "The Land of Mink Swimming Pools", thus the title of this limited edition collection of songs.

The Cassette run of Mink Swimming Pools will be limited only to 50, and it's digital online presence will only exist for 2 months after it's release on January 20th, 2017. After March 20th, 2017, this release will be removed from the Uncommon Records bandcamp. Cassettes will be available at the I Had An Accident bandcamp and when the 50 sell out, they will not be getting re-repressed.

Uncommon Nasa teams with Pastense on new Sarastro LP

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Photo by Tyler Callavero.

Producer Jon Sarastro gathered Uncommon Nasa and Pastense (two oft collaborators) for a track on his new LP.  The track is called Mars Rover and the two emcees trade verses that lead to a twist ending over a solidly dope beat among many more on the Sarastro LP project.  Check it all out at Sarastro's Bandcamp and support indie hip-hop.

Carl Kavorkian's Serpephant Elentine LP Mastered at Nasa Labs

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Still from "PoorTense" Video

Carl Kavorkian's release, Serpephant Elentine has been making some waves since it's release (in 2 parts) in December.  The mastering session for the record took place at Nasa Labs, with Nasa at the helm.  Nasa's approach was to preserve it's clarity while adding some clean and steady bass to the bottom end.  The album has been pressed up on CD and Cassette and both are available along with the digital DL at Carl's Bandcamp.

You can check out Carl's new video for the single, PoorTense, which features some great facial expressions and general creepiness from the man himself.  Carl was also interviewed on January 16th's Dope Sh!t Podcast and featured on Uncommon Nasa's Top 10 LPs of 2016.

Yule Prog 10 Photo and Video Wrap Up

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Yule Prog 10 was the final Yule Prog to be held and capped off the year that was in 2016.  A great time was held at DROM in NYC featuring Denmark Vessey, Elucid and many more.  Below we assembled a slide show of photos courtesy of Dominick Alcantara.  You can see more pics from the show at the Black on the Canvas blog, shot by Ighor Melo.  You can still see the full show at LivAmp in case you missed it.  Thanks to everyone that's ever been to a Yule Prog in the last 10 years, it's been so real, can't ever say enough.

New Uncommon Nasa Video Drops for "Love the Cold Like A Brother"

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Just as the South East Halfway Tour gets set to kick off on 12/1 with Skech185 in Orlando we get a new video from Uncommon Nasa.  One of the seminal tracks on his Halfway LP, Love the Cold Like A Brother, gets a look into desperation by Director Bob Sweeney.  Shot just outside of Philly during Nasa's last tour through the Midwest, the vid brings life to the Black-Tokyo produced track that deals with self reliance head on.  Check it out and check out Uncommon Nasa on Tour in December!

Uncommon Nasa's Southeast "Halfway" Tour with Skech185 Begins on 12/1

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One last hurrah for Uncommon Nasa's "Halfway" LP.  On this third tour behind his landmark album, Uncommon Nasa hits the too often neglected region of the Southeast US.  Nasa will be re-united for his second tour with Tomorrow Kings and War Church's Skech185, the two toured the Midwest last year for the "Last Angry Men" Tour.  Three of the dates will also feature Jafrican emcee, Skipp Coon.

The "Southeast Halfway Tour" begins in Orlando on 12/1, reaching west through New Orleans, Hot Springs in Arkansas and Memphis before finishing up with three dates in the state of Georgia - Atlanta, Athens and Savannah.  You can see a calendar with details on all the dates here, a FB Event for the Tour has also been set up.

Yule Prog 10 Announced for 12/15 featuring Denmark Vessey, Elucid and More!

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The 10th and Final Yule Prog will take place at DROM on 12/15 in New York City, NY.  Doors open at 9:00pm and the show starts at 9:30pm Sharp.  This years line up features Denmark Vessey, Elucid, billy woods, Willie Green, Uncommon Nasa, Marq Spekt, Karma Kids, Skech185, Deem Spencer, Taiyamo Denku, Shortrock and Mo Niklz!

DROM is located at 85 Avenue A in Manhattan, it can be reached via the F to 2nd Avenue, the 6 to Astor Place or the R to 8th Street.  This year will be special as it's our last annual Yule Prog and the last time you'll be able to see the storied Progressive Hip-Hop Festival as presented by Uncommon Records, Backwoodz Studioz and Reservoir Sound Womb.  Make sure you're there and bring a friend to help us celebrate.

Pre-Order Tix Here

FB Event Here

Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa Video for "Time and Space" debuts at Rhyme Junkie

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Photo Credit: Mike Petrow

The story of habitual addiction plays out on a Harlem Video Shoot that ends with a twist!  

Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa's critically acclaimed Autonomy Music came out this passed Summer and now we have a video to one of it's bangers, Time and Space.  Shot on a hot day in Harlem USA, Short Fuze and his co-star Baker act out a drama in which the antagonist is addiction.  It's twist ending and black and white shooting, reminicint of classic Serling work.  The video was beautifully directed by Duncecap aka Mike Petrow, and this is the fourth video he has done for an Uncommon Nasa related project.  Enjoy the video debut with this write up by Fansided's Hip-Hop site, Rhyme Junkie.